Publishing Services

Should you self-publish or seek out an agent? This choice is a personal one and is based on what your goals are for your book. Self-publishing is a great way to go and many seasoned authors prefer to self-publish for a variety of reasons, including immediate publication, print on demand services, access to major retailers, and more control over the final product.


If you choose to self-publish, we discuss what avenues are available to you and determine the best course for your book. I provide you with all the necessary artwork and design for your book’s cover and interior.


Working with your own network and client base, I Publishing boxsend out advanced reader copies for review before publishing (a necessary, and often overlooked step by other publishers) to ensure you have honest feedback before publication and immediate Amazon review ranking the moment your book goes live.


Once we are ready to publish, I handle all of the publishing requirements, including bar code, ISBN and registration. I create an account for you so that you have access to your royalty reports and payments. Your book goes live and is then distributed to the appropriate retail channels, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, and others. And lastly, I arrange to have 25 copies of your book printed and sent to your door so that you can share them immediately.


My publishing package includes:

  • Advanced Reader Copy distribution for reviews
  • Cover art and design
  • Interior formatting
  • Assignment of ISBN for all publication outlets
  • Bar Code
  • Print on Demand
  • E-Book
  • Digital Printing
  • Distribution through Amazon, B& and other major retailers
  • 25 author copies of your book delivered to you


Interested in publishing? Call me at 772-631-5850 or email me at for rates and options.

Want to go the traditional route instead? Great! I can help with that, too. I offer fully prepared book proposal packages that are agent and publisher ready starting at $3,000. Email or call me directly for details.