Ghostwriting Services & Fees

As a professional ghost, my fees begin at $10,000 and vary from there depending on the length of the project, the amount of research required and whether or not we bring it all the way to publication. Rates for marketing, promoting and proposal development are on a per project basis and vary widely from the fees for my ghostwriting services.

Ghostwriting Services


Your work of art is unique and so is the amount of time required to complete it. Therefore, after our initial conversation, I will prepare a personalized proposal of milestones, deadlines and payments and email it to you so that we can begin the process of bringing your idea to life. Please contact me directly at 772-631-5850 for more information.



I offer the following ghostwriting services:


Ghostwriting Services:

  • Initial information gathering session
  • Detailed proposal
  • Comprehensive book outline
  • Ghostwriting initial chapter for review
  • Ongoing collaboration
  • Delivering remaining sections/chapters
  • Reviewing, editing and revising manuscript
  • Proofreading and editing by a professional editing service
  • Final review/edit
  • Delivery of final manuscript

Publishing Services:

  • Advanced Reader Copy distribution for reviews
  • Cover art and design
  • Interior formatting
  • Assignment of ISBN for all publication outlets
  • Bar Code
  • Print on Demand
  • E-Book
  • Digital Printing
  • Distribution through Amazon, B& and other major retailers
  • 25 author copies of your book delivered to you


Your book is published… now what?

If you have chosen to self-publish, you will need to promote your book so that it gets in the right hands. As a professional ghostwriter, I know the importance of seeing your project all the way to completion, after the outlined ghostwriting services have been met. Therefore, I offer additional services to help you promote your book and get it in front of the masses.


You and I work together to create a comprehensive strategy to promote your book through the best channels, tapping into your existing network and maximizing your exposure. Because each project is different, rates will vary based on the scope of marketing you require and the plan we develop. Call 772-631-5850 today to discuss rates and project details.


Below are additional services I provide my clients:

Marketing Platform:

  • WordPress website design
  • SEO optimization
  • Magnets and landing
  • Subscriber email set-up
  • Amazon author page
  • Facebook page
  • Facebook advertising

Additional Writing Services:

  • Web content
  • Marketing material
  • Video script
  • Blogs


Call me directly at 772-631-5850 or email me at to get your project started today!